Helping your child at home



During our recent Parent's Sessions for Maths and English, some parents requested links to sites and example documents to be available on the website to help your children at home.





Here are some links you may find useful:

A superb website, packed with games and challenges is . You could spend years in this website alone as there are over 11,000 problem solving activities!

There are a large number of interactive teaching packages which we regularly use in our learning at school. Many of these will be familiar to your children:



Isometric Grid ITP – Great for building understanding of shapes.

Symmetry ITP – Add/take away mirror lines. You can also rotate the lines of reflection!

Number Dial ITP - This is handy for helping with multiplication and division facts.


Coordinates ITP – Remember to go across THEN up/down…

Multiplication Array ITP – This really SHOWS multiplication! Children can build and change dots to see how the multiplication is affected.

Tell Time ITP - This is quite useful for comparing analogue and digital times. You can change hours and minutes to see how the hands move with the numbers.


Look out for more…coming soon!


Phonics & Spelling

Phonics Games to play on the computer:

Saying the sounds… how phonics works






Reading the key words – turn off  the American  voice to  read these with your child:


You can find out what your child knows about digraphs using these resources (they are not for teaching so don't have any sound):
How to help with Spelling?

 Some children will really enjoy spelling practice but others will need more support and encouragement. Try to make spelling practice as much fun as possible. “Little and often”  Using the 'look, say, cover, write and check' method can help the children to remember how to spell words that they find difficult. The new curriculum states  the children  are required to be able to spell a list of words which are shown below.












 Learning to read with Bug Club


Bug Blub is a reading scheme  to support children to develop their reading skills at home and at school. Bug club is accessed on the internet and children read eBooks  and complete fun quizzes throughout the book . The children will be engaged  with a truly interactive world, characters  and a reward system to keep them motivated. The quiz questions will help the children with their understanding of the  book.. Some of the eBooks are audio books, so the children can enjoy hearing an expressive read of the  book  once they have read it independently.


· Go to the website             


· Enter the child’s username and password


· Enter the school code:6cpp


















If you have any suggestions for good sites which you have found, please use the 'Contact Us' section of the website to let us know and we'll upload it as soon as possible.



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Calculations Poster

Tue 18 December 2012

This poster show the different methods we use to teach the four calculations.

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