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Natural Disasters: Hurricanes and Tornadoes
by Lucas
No, a tornado can’t take you to the magical land of Oz , but the most powerful tornado in the world has destroyed entire towns and villages. It speeds at up to 300 kilometres per hour and it causes a lot of death and injuries. DON’T WORRY! Hurricanes and tornadoes are hardly ever seen in England or the United Kingdom, they are most likely to be seen in other countries like The United States and South Africa. Hurricanes are made by cold air and hot air chasing each round and round. They are one of the worst and most powerful natural disasters.


The children had a fabulous time on their residential to Stibbington where they got to learn all about thier new topic, Environments, practically out of the classroom. They participated in a range of activities including nativagating through the Nature Reserve to locate the hidden treasure and pond-dipping to investigate mini-beasts thier habitats. 



  What I liked about Stibbington
  by Megan
 I liked the delicious toffees in the treasure chest. We found them when we followed our map coordinates and used our compasses to follow the directions. All of the children had a toffee – even the teachers had one!




  What I liked about Stibbington
  by Shelbie
I liked the food because it was really nice. I also loved the bedrooms because I got to stay with my friends. 







Pirate Day by Pine Class 2015-2016

Year 1 enjoyed a pirate day in the Autumn term.  They enjoyed making hats and looking at real pirate objects especially the sword.  They enjoyed dressing up and having their picture taken.  It was a reall treat and very exciting.


Check out the Gallery to see more pictures. Click here to read Shannon's recount of the trip.



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