The MATHS ZONE has now moved again and is in between Year 5 (Cedar Class) and Year 1 (Walnut Class). The room is actually bigger than last year and there is plenty of space for intervention lessons, small groups and courses. We also regularly host teacher and teaching assistant meetings here! Every academic year we have a MATHS WEEK. In December we had a CHRISTMATHS WEEK (renamed by Mr. Davis!) It ran from 12th to 16th December and had 2 parents workshops. WE held a Jumpers Day in aid of Save The Children (16th. Also the Christmaths Disco attended by 148 children (9th) as well as the CHRISTMATHS FAIR on Monday 19th December where everybody shared all of their brilliant work. 103 parents supported this year! Mr. Laband (Subject Leader) lives in the MATHS ZONE along with Mrs. Willoughby, Miss Vaitekunaite and Mrs. Kuvikiene. Mrs. Fisher is also in the Maths Team, and as well as having her own teaching commitments elsewhere (often in the Nursery) she can often be found in the MATHS ZONE working with small groups from Year 1 or 2. Orchards Primary School has several maths interventions that are designed to boost children's number skills AND confidence with number. Numbers Count 1 is aimed at children in Years 1,2 or 3 and is taught one-to-one or in pairs. This is a very intensive intervention delivered by a trained Numbers Count Teacher. Higher up the school, Numbers Count 2 is aimed at children in Years 4,5 or 6 and is also taught one-to-one or in pairs, delivered by a trained Numbers Count Teacher. Numbers Count runs for around 40 individual sessions. FirstClass@Number 2 comes with very detailed lesson guidance; the 30 lessons are delivered by a trained teaching assistant, aiming at children in Years 3 or 4. A Post Office theme runs throughout - it really is First Class! Success@Arithemetic is targeted at children in Years 5 or 6 who already have a good sense of number, but would benefit from input on written calculations. A specially trained teaching assistant runs this important maths intervention for 24 sessions.

Mr.Laband's Favourite for Spring 2017:

DIFFY – click on the link and keep finding the difference. I love this!

NEW FOR 2017

Everybody in school loves trying the thousands of activities and puzzles on

For Christmaths Week 2016, some children tried which sees how many different ways we can make a Christmas Gift Box by folding paper from a net.

But the really NEW thing is… WILD MATHS!!! Brought to you by the same team that creates nRich.

Full of puzzles and games – many of them don't actually have answers but are mind stretching and can really get you thinking. Why not have a look here?

Here's one well worth trying at home and of course in school!!



We now have a huge ORCHARDS MATHEMATICAL THINKING SPINNER in the MATHS CORRIDOR. Each half term there will be a different calculation. We will try to draw it, act it out, make up stories, model it and even link it to money! How would you SHOW 24 + 17? And how could you DRAW it?

Useful websites

BBC Schools site has lots of games for you to play:

For children in Year 6 who are revising you can visit:

If you want to challenge other children across the world to a maths game you can try:  This is a BIG website for all children at Orchards. It is called SUMDOG. A huge range of mathematical games are avaialble, and they each allow the children to practice their key skills and especially their mental maths. There are regular challenges in school, and also county and national competitions. In March 2016, the Oak class even won the Cambridgeshire schools challenge! And even more… in December 2016, the Holly class finished 45th IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some of our favourite Smartboard activities from school. Go on try one. You could even pretend that you are still at school!

Isometric Grid ITP – Great for building understanding of shapes.

Symmetry ITP – Add/take away mirror lines. You can also rotate the lines of reflection!

Number Dial ITP – This is handy for helping with multiplication and division facts.

Coordinates ITP – Remember to go across THEN up/down…

Multiplication Array ITP – This really SHOWS multiplication! Children can build and change dots to see how the multiplication is affected.

Tell Time ITP - This is quite useful for comparing analogue and digital times. You can change hours and minutes to see how the hands move with the numbers.






Many of our classes now use CONCEPT CARTOONS as starters in maths lessons. These really get the children talking and most importantly: THINKING MATHEMATICALLY.

A superb website, packed with games and challenges is . You could spend years in this website alone! At Orchards,we hold a maths week every year. In 2016, the main theme was playing maths games, many of which came form nRich. Some strategies would be based upon mental maths skills. One of our favourite games is called DAISY. Visit the brilliant nRich website ( to find it and see how to play. It only needs a paper and pencil… (See bottom of this page for Daisy.) Another classic game is Try playing against the computer – it always wins, or does it?

Here are some more photos from the Maths Week:


MATHS CORRIDOR: In the picture below, there are playing cards, coins, dice, pool balls and even some spotty dogs. Can you think of any other things that have numbers on them? If you can, then please tell us as we really want to make the maths corridoor even more colourful and interesting!

And here are a few questions… How much are the 3 playing cards worth in total? How much money can you see? What is the difference between the yellow striped and the red ball? Can you add up all the football shirts?


This is a game for 2 players which you can play with pencil and paper.

First, draw a daisy with five petals.
Players take it in turns to shade one petal or two petals next to each other.
The winner is the one to shade the last petal.
Try to work out the winning strategy and whether one of the players has the advantage.
What happens if you have more than five petals?
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